ATTENTION: This photo blog is on indefinite suspension given the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp. As you can see, I am now using it as an outlet to contribute my voice to the discussion on this case.

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Welcome, Pistorians!

This is a celebration of the awesome and talented athlete Oscar Pistorius.

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This is an unofficial fan blog.

FYOP was shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp this morning. My heart goes out to all her friends and family.
Like all Oscar’s fans, it seems unfathomable to me that he could have done something so horrifying. I hope to see truth and justice prevail in this case, Friday’s trial bail hearing, and the eventual trial.
This is not a defensive post, nor is it an anti-Oscar post. I will not speculate. This is a pro-justice, pro-Reeva, pro-due process post.

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